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Alice has always let her imagination run wild, much to the displeasure of her older sister and her uppity friends. But one day, her imagination takes her to a place more real than ever before. It all started with a strange white rabbit, but before she knew it Alice was falling down the rabbit hole to a place beyond belief! Join Alice as she makes her way through a crazy land with an even crazier set of characters to find her way home.

Dates and Times

Thursday, July 25th at 7pm
Friday, July 26th at 7pm
Saturday, July 27th at 2pm
Sunday, July 28th at 3pm

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The Bridge Event Venue

1541 Fording Island Rd #6

In Moss Creek Village

**When coming from Bluffton, maps will send you to do U-turn and then to the parking lot when coming to the theatre.

The best way to access the theatre is actually to turn left at the Moss Creek light, turn right before the gate, and make your way behind the Moss Creek Village plaza**

Note: Our location is near the bridge to the island, so please make sure to plan accordingly for traffic going towards the island. 




6yrs - 12yrs


Under 6yrs



Contact Us


Phone Number

Email Address

1541 Fording Island Rd #6

Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

Theater Location

Alice in Wonderland JR Cast

July 25th and 27th | July 26th and 28th


Emmalyn Elliot & Logan Goethe

Dodo Bird

Luis Renteria & Tristan Polson

Tweedle Dum

Gavin Jacob & Reese McElroy


Eli Epps & Avery Everett


Kiptyn Hammel-Millard & Zach Reardon


Jillian Grieco-Eden & Olivia Polson

Friend 1

Graham Jacob & Holden McElroy

Mad Hatter

Avery Everett & Eli Epps

Friend 2

Gavin Jacob & Reese McElroy

White Rabbit

Sophie Stearns & Ellie Sudowski

Queen of Hearts

Vivienne Yates & Grace Kennedy

Tall Alice

Lanie Miller & Keatyn Hammel-Millard

Cheshire Cat 1

Olivia Polson & Jillian Greico-Eden

Small Alice

Harper Kenny & Savannah Cook

Cheshire Cat 2

Keatyn Hammel-Millard & Lanie Miller


Presley Rice & Beckett McElroy

Cheshire Cat 3

Payton Renteria & Chord Broman

Tweedle Dee

Graham Jacob & Holden McElroy


Lexi Grieco-Eden & Lillian Peterson


Sabina Knowles & Ashlyn Lewis


Logan Goethe & Emmalyn Elliot


Eli Epps & Avery Everett

March Hare

Clare Salchow & Maya Montero

King of Hearts

Elijah Hudson

Wonderland Ensemble

Eli Epps, Logan Goethe, Jillian Grieco-Eden, Lexi Grieco-Eden,

Kiptyn Hammel-Millard, Elijah Hudson, Gavin Jacob, Graham Jacob, Grace Kennedy, Sabina Knowles, Holden McElroy, Reese McElroy,

Zach Reardon, Luis Renteria, Presley Rice, Clare Salchow

Emmalyn Elliott, Avery Everett, Kiptyn Hammel-Millard, Elijah Hudson, Gavin Jacob, Graham Jacob, Ashlyn Lewis, Beckett McElroy,

Holden McElroy, Reese McElroy, Maya Montero, Lillian Peterson, Tristan Polson, Olivia Polson, Zach Reardon, Vivienne Yates

Royal Cards

Grace Kennedy, Holden McElroy, Reese McElroy, Zach Reardon

Kiptyn Hammel-Millard,

Gavin Jacob, Graham Jacob, Vivienne Yates

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