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Sponsoring Bluffton Youth Theatre

Why Sponsor Bluffton Youth Theatre?

Bluffton Youth Theatre, since it was founded, has always reached out it's arms to teach and encourage youth in the Lowcountry to be the best that they can be through the arts. We have held the ideal that every child who auditions will get a part, regardless of what mental or physical challenges would be against them in other places. We want every child to feel accepted and to show that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. As we grow, now at over 50 cast and crew members, we have continued to keep that as our main focus.

When Bluffton Youth Theatre first started, we had only 15 children and could practice in places that had only a small amount of room. However, now that we have over 50 members, the costs have grown as well. What many people don't realize is that every production that BYT puts on costs over $10,000. The costs include, rent, royalties, costumes, props, scenery, and production costs such as lighting sound and video taping. With 

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