Collier Hansell (Left)

December 6th and 8th - Emily Hobbs


Age: 11 years old

What’s your favorite part about being Emily?  "I like the songs she sings."

Why do you like acting? "I really like singing and I love the sound of the applause."

December 7th and 9th - Emily Hobbs

December 13th and 15th - Deb


Age: 12 years old

Previous production with BYT: Mary Poppins JR "Mrs. Corry", Shrek the Musical JR "Princess Fiona"

What’s your favorite part about being Emily and Deb? "Deb is a funny character and I've never played a character like her before. I like being Emily because I like her character and the family is really fun."

Why do you like acting? "I like the experience of seeing the world from other people's views."

Emma Annunziata (Right)

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