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Natalie Miller

-10 years old-

Bulda and Townsperson

December 12th and 14th

Shrek the Musical JR


Elf the Musical JR

-Shawanda, Macy's Shopper, New Yorker-

Annie JR


Wizard of Oz

-Miss Gulch and Wicked Witch-


Ross Boyles

-10 years old-

Bulda and Townsperson

December 13th and 15th

Shrek the Musical JR

-Wicked Wtich-

Elf the Musical JR

-Chadwick and Saleswoman-

Annie JR

-Lily St. Regis-

Wizard of Oz

-Tot, Ozian, Jitterbug,

Winkie Guard-

"I'm most excited tp jsut act, because I love acting."

"I'm excited to be Bulda and also be meeting such good friends."

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