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The Guards of Agrabah: Razoul played by Brandon Miller

Natalie Miller

-10 years old-

Elijah Hudson

-5 years old-

Brandon Miller

-11 years old-

Chad Binkley

-14 years old-

Shrek the Musical Jr


Elf the Musical Jr

Shawanda, Macy's Shopper, New Yorker

Annie Jr


Wizard of Oz

-Wicked Witch/Miss Gulch-

Frozen Jr


"I'm excited to dance and sing!"

Frozen JR

-Arendelle Guard-

"I'm excited to have a line this time. I also love to work with Natalie and just be on stage performing!"

Elf the Musical Jr

Manager, Jogger

Annie Jr

-Bundles, Lt. Ward, Radio Sound Guy-

Wizard of Oz

-Mayor of Munchkinland-

"I'm just excited to be back!"

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Shrek the Musical JR


Elf the Musical JR

-Flyer Guy,

Security Guard-

Annie JR

-Dog Catcher, Announcer, Louis Howe-

Wizard of Oz

-Uncle Henry/Guard-

Frozen JR

-King Agnarr-

"I'm excited to be one of Razoul's guards especially because my friend Brandon is Razoul."

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