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Brody Lewis

-11 years old-


April 2nd and 4th

Frozen JR


"I'm excited to be extremely loud and act really annoying!"


Rudy Santana

-9 years old-


April 2nd - 5th

Mary Poppins Jr

-Robertson Ay-

Shrek the Musical Jr

-Lord Farquaad-

Elf the Musical Jr

Santa Claus, Michael Hobbs 

Wizard of Oz

-Tin Man, Hickory-

"I'm most excited to act like the boos and push Iago around."

Sadie Jane Hudgins

-9 years old-


April 3rd and 5th

Shrek the Musical JR

-Pig #3-

Elf the Musical JR

-Elf, Macy's Shopper,

New Yorker-

Annie JR


Wizard of Oz

-Crow, Apple Tree, Ozian, Flying Monkey-

Frozen JR

-Hidden Folk-

"I'm excited to be a crazy character on stage. I get to run around and be annoying!"

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