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Tripp Zetrouer

-11 years old-


April 2nd and 4th

Beauty and the Beast JR


Elf the Musical JR


Annie JR

-Miss Hannigan-

Frozen JR


I'm excited to be Babkak because he is awesome. Also Babkak and I both love food!"


Bay Unik

-10 years old-


April 2nd and 4th

Mary Poppins JR

-Busker, Honeybee, Kite Flyer, and Chimney Sweep-

Shrek the Musical JR


Annie JR


Frozen JR

-Handmaid, Snow Chorus, Summer Chorus-

Sarah Stepleman

-14 years old-


April 2nd and 4th

"I'm excited to be Omar because she has a lot of fun lines and songs."

"It's going to be really fun to work with Bay and Tripp because I've never had a chance to work with them like this. I'm ready for the new experience!"

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