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Brooke Bennett

-15 years old-

Rajah, Agrabahn,

Genie's Entourage

April 3rd and 5th

Pilgrim's Progress

-Worldly Wise-

Annie JR

-Miss Hannigan-

Beauty and the Beast JR

-Silly Girl-

"I'm excited for 'These Palace Walls' and also the tap dance!"


Ashley Davis

-11 years old-

Isir, Fortune Teller,

Genie's Entourage

April 2nd and 4th

Frozen JR

-Oaken Family Member-

Jordan Heaton

-9 years old-

"I'm most excited to sing 'These Palace Walls'."

Manal, Agrabahn,

Genie's Entourage

April 3rd and 5th

Elf the Musical Jr

Elf, New Yorker, Macy’s Shopper, 

Annie Jr


Wizard of Oz

-Tough Kid, Ozian, Jitterbug-

Frozen JR


"I'm excited to be Manal, especially because of the song I sing."

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