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Evan Wilson

-15 years old-


April 3rd and 5th

Beauty and the Beast JR

-Gaston, Prince Adam-

Mystery Dinner Theatre

-Cam Kordier-

Mary Poppins JR

-George Banks-

Shrek the Musical JR


Elf the Musical JR

-Buddy the Elf, Walter Hobbs-

Wizard of Oz

-Scarecrow, Hunk-

Frozen JR

-Kristoff -

"Aladdin is one of my favorite movies so being able to perform in this show as any part is awesome."


Tessa Robinson

-11 years old-

Princess Jasmine

April 3rd and 5th

Mary Poppins JR

-Busker, Honeybee, Kite Flyer, and Chimney Sweep-

Shrek the Musical JR

-Teen Fiona-

Annie JR

-Cecille and Usherette-

Wizard of OZ

-Glinda, Aunt Em-

Frozen JR

-Cook, Snow Chorus, Summer Chorus-

""I'm excited to be Jasmine because she is my favorite character from the movie."

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