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Emma Nelson.jpg

Emma Nelson

December 6th - 8th - Flyer Guy #1 and Security Guard #1

December 13th - 16th - Matthews


Age:  12 years old

Previous productions with BYT:  Mary Poppins JR "Lead Ensemble" and Shrek the Musical JR "Dragon"

What’s your favorite part about being your characters?  "I like being bossy and doing all the work"

Why do you like acting? "I love all the drama and love meeting lots of all new friends."

Grace Hanna.jpg

Grace Hanna

December 6th - 8th - Matthews


Age:  11 years old

Previous production with BYT:  Shrek the Musical JR "Storyteller #1 and Knight #1"

-What do you like about playing your characters? "I like being dramatic and outrageous characters that let me express lots of emotions, especially sarcasm. One of the characters I play in elf does that."
-Why do you like acting? "I love acting, because I can be creative and silly."

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