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Evan Wilson

December 14th and 16th - Buddy the Elf

December 7th, 9th, 13th and 15th - Walter Hobbs


Age: 13 years old

Previous productions with BYT: Beauty and the Beast JR. "Gaston", Mystery Dinner Theatre 2018 "Cameron Kordier", Mary Poppins JR. "George Banks", and Shrek the Musical JR. "Shrek"

What’s your favorite part about being Buddy? "Being happy and positive."

Why do you like acting? "You can be all types of people."

Gabriela Griggs

December 14th and 16th - Jovie

Age: 12 years old

Previous production with BYT: Shrek the Musical JR. "Mama Ogre" and "Mama Bear"

What’s your favorite part about being Jovie?  "Being able to portray a character with an interesting story."
Why do you like acting?  " It’s fun being different people."

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