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To create an educational theatre experience that inspires and challenges young people to be their best, both onstage and off.

Mission Statement


“God first, others second, me third.” This motto is reflective of Whom will always be honored through the actions and speech of both teachers and students. Although BYT will not discriminate against a person’s choice of religion (all families will be accepted), they will understand from the start that God will be glorified. More specifically, Christ-like behavior will be exhibited by teachers and modeled for the students. In addition, students will learn to serve others and not have a “me first” attitude.


To be an all inclusive theatre program by giving the same opportunity to all youth, no matter their physical or mental challenges.

To give a safe environment where kids can meet other kids with the same interest and learn to encourage one another.

To teach youth to work together.

To teach youth to be overcomers and rise above any obstacles.

To teach youth to clearly and passionately speak out and speak up.

To teach youth to be gracious and forgiving to others as well as themselves.

To show the world that youth, when facing challenges, can meet those challenges, go above and beyond that which is expected, and be responsible.

To teach that dependency on God is not a weakness, but an asset

How We

Meet Our Goals

  1. By choosing “leads” who are truly leaders and not egotistical braggarts.

  2. By believing that equal importance should be given to training a child to have good character, both onstage and off.

  3. By adults modeling behavior that reflects those that Christ would advocate – respect, humility, unfailing love and forgiveness.

  4. By giving kids space to be kids, using every opportunity to teach them without belittling them or breaking their spirits.

  5. By training them, through love and respect, to be excellent actors, actresses, singers, and dancers.

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