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Meet Your Hollywood High Suspects

Make sure you come see the show on January 20th at Sigler's Rotisserie and Seafood in Bluffton!

This is Investigator Furlock Bones, the head investigator on this case. Below is the list of suspects he has compiled.

Tanya Bunsoff

Voted "Most Likely To Be Worshipped From Afar".

She's been a model for top bathing suits designer since she was thirteen and has been recently voted "Miss Malibu". Usually skips class to go to the beach, but still well liked by the faculty at Hollywood High. 

No Relationship.

Bernadette Down

Voted "Most Likely To Hang (in an Art Museum)". 

Her most recent work Still Life on a School Bus  is on display at the W.Anton Power Museum of Art in Los Angeles. 

Grew up on the rough streets of Hollywood, created a "tough girl" image. Seems to avoid classmates.

No Relationship.

Chantella Solle

Voted "Most Likely To Sign Autographs (whether the person wants them or not)"

Popular cheerleader at Hollywood High. Mother, Selma Solle, recently gained control of 19th Century Weasel Films. Born and raised in The Valley, but recently moved to her mother's new mansion in BelAirhead.

Dating: Cameron Kordier

Cameron Kordier

Voted "Most Likely To Get Snubbed At The Oscars". Goes by nickname "Cam". Energetic, young and budding film director. Always seen with a video camera. Recently had his student film Silence of the Spam, a documentary about cafeteria food, won the praise of the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences.

Dating: Chantella Solle 

Spence DeMonet

Voted "Most Likely To Own California". 

His father is Rollin N. DeMonet is head of one of the most powerful film studios in Hollywood - Tate, DeMonet & Runn.  Known as a local hero as he has saved many people, most recently he saved the mascot Murray the Mink when he escaped.

Dating: Juanita Greencarde

Juanita Greencarde

Voted "Most Likely To Rule A Small Country".

Daughter of an elite Colombian importer and claims her roots go back to Spanish royalty. Known for stealing girl's boyfriends, just for fun. Spence and Juanita are known as the power couple around school.

Dating: Spence DeMonet

Duncan Flushwater

Voted "Most Likely To Warp". 

Computer and math genius and was known as the resident nerd at Hollywood High just  six months ago. He has recently started to change his image and has begun to become on of the most popular students at school. He used to get his head dunked in the toilet by Fletcher Bysepps giving him the old nickname, "Flushie"

No Relationship.

Fletcher Bysepps

Voted "Most Likely To Sweat Professionally". 

Popular football star destined for college stardom, but needs a scholarship. Made it to twelfth grade using force rather than intelligence. Has no trouble getting the girls and has dated at least half of the girls in Hollywood, but rarely more than a second date.

No Relationship.

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