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    Camp dates are July 13th - 24th (Monday - Friday)  

                  It's time for BYT's Summer Camp!                  

                 Show week is July 27th - August 2nd               

      Read all the info on this page before signing up!   



Saturday, May 16th

9am - 5pm

*Time slots of 20 minutes*


Programs for Exception People

39 Sheridan Park Circle, Suite 2


Please insure that you will be on time to your audition. Failure to arrive on time may result in your child being unable to audition.

On time means that you are ready to begin the audition process at the moment you arrive. Paperwork can not be finished once your audition time has started.

Sign up by clicking the button below.

Fill out all sections of the form (name and email). If any of these items are missing, your child's name will be removed from the sheet.

If for any reason your child is unable to audition, please remove their name from the audition list. We usually have youth on the waiting list eager to fill your spot, so please give them a chance rather than not showing up to your scheduled audition.


What to

The cost of the full summer camp is $375 per child. There is a discount for multiple children ($338 for the 2nd and $300 for 3rd or more).  There is also a $25 registration fee per family that will last throughout every show in 2020. Lastly, there is a $25 costume rental fee per child. This will not be deposited unless costumes are not returned in good condition after the show

*If your child is unable to participate in the program and the cast list has been given out, there will be NO REFUNDS.*





In order to audition, the following forms must be completed and brought to auditions: Registration Form, Size Chart, Photo Release Form, and Parent and Child Contracts. You must pay the registration fee and tuition at auditions as well as a separate check for the costume deposit. Please note that a $25 costume deposit is needed for every child auditioning. Failure to bring these items to auditions may result in your child being unable to audition. 

Each child must memorize a short monologue. This can be from Alice in Wonderland, but it is not necessary. They must also prepare a song to sing a capella, about a minute in length. We recommend that they sing a song from the show, but it is not required. However, be sure to choose a song that will best showcase your child's vocal range. 


What to


Before coming to audition, please read the following handbook

All families will be held accountable for all information found in the handbook




One parent from each family must sign up for the mandatory parent meeting linked below. There are two date options.

On May 13th, you will receive an email if you have not yet signed up. If you are not signed up by audition day, your child cannot audition.





All practices at Hilton Head Preparatory School

Main Street Theatre

(3000 Main Street on HHI)

Camp will be Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm. The camp will be from

July 13th - 24th

*Children must be able to attend all dates to be a part of the program.*


All dress rehearsals will be at Hilton Head Preparatory School

Main Street Theatre

(3000 Main Street on HHI)

Monday, July 27th - Tuesday, July 28th from 10am - 4pm

*There may be a third

dress rehearsal on

Wednesday, July 29th*




All show will be at Hilton Head Preparatory School

Main Street Theatre

(3000 Main Street on HHI)

Thursday, July 30th at 7pm 

Friday, July 31st at 7pm

Saturday, August 1st at 2pm

Sunday, August 2nd at 3pm

*Call time is 2 hours before each show*


Bluffton Youth Theatre, since it's beginning in 2015, has worked hard to be more than just a theatre company.  At BYT, we focus on building each cast and crew member's skills as well as teach everyone to encourage and support one another.  Because we want each child to grow, we  give everyone who auditions a part in our musical that will challenge them.   

In addition, we endeavor to fulfill our main goal of being a totally inclusive theatre.   We believe that every child can shine in the performing arts regardless of their physical or mental challenges. 


Why BYT?

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