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Bluffton Youth Theatre

Calling All Theatre Enthusiasts!

Instead of  holding a fall performance, we are holding professional acting classes. When you are practicing for a performance, you can lose time to focus on each skill specifically. We want to build each of our students skills in theatre so they are better prepared when our spring program comes along. 

Classes will be on Friday nights from 6-8. Our first class is September 22nd and our last class on December 1st. 

First Class: September 22nd

Second Class: September 29th

Third Class: October 6th

Fourth Class: October 13th

Fifth Class: October 20th

Sixth Class: October 27th

Seventh Class: November 3rd

Eighth Class: November 10th

Ninth Class: November 17th

Off for Thanksgiving: November 24th

Last week: December 1st

Bluffton Christmas Parade: December 2nd

When are classes?

The cost for the ten week program is $200 for one child. A second child will cost $180. A third, fourth, or more will cost $160 each.

There is also a non-refundable $20 registration fee.

How much will this cost?

Just fill out our registration form and bring it with you, with payment for the program to our class!

How do I sign up?

Where are classes?

Classes will be held at Alliance Dance Studio on Bluffton Parkway. 

Alliance Dance Studio is between Simmonsville Road and Red Cedar Street on Bluffton Parkway. It is across from the Enmark Gas Station. The easiest way to get to the parking lot is to turn on Persimmon Street and go through the Regions Bank Plaza.

There are many theatre skills that students will learn over these ten weeks.

  • Enunciation 

  • Dance 

  • Pronounciation

  • Improvisation

  • Singing

  • Portraying emotions

  • Concentration

  • Ad Libbing

  • Memorization

  • Lighting

  • Dealing with Stage Fright

  • and so much more!

What will they learn?

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