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Willow and Alanna.jpg

Alanna Hiscock (Left)

All Shows - Sarah and Darlene and Lambert


Age:  10 years old

Previous productions with BYT:  Beauty and the Beast JR "Ensemble",  Mary Poppins JR "Birdwoman", Shrek the Musical JR "Young Fiona"

What’s your favorite part about being your characters?  "They're cool and I like my costumes."

Why do you like acting? "It's fun and I like being backstage."

Willow Walsh (Right)

All Shows - Macy's Employee #1 and Emma Van Brocklin


Age:  9 years old

Previous production with BYT:  Shrek the Musical JR "Storyteller #3 and Knight #3"

What do you like about playing your characters? "I like to pretend I’m in New York City."
Why do you like acting? "I like to be someone else."

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