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What Are They?

BYT Bucks are a special currency that can be used on different BYT products!

Who Can Earn Them?

Volunteers and parents who go above and beyond.

This doesn't mean just adults either. Some older students also have an opportunity to earn them!

How Do I Earn Them?


At BYT, we ask that parents help out by volunteering 2 hours and acquiring sponsors to fill one page in our playbill. Parents who volunteer more than 2 hours will earn 5 BYT bucks per extra hour. They will also earn 20 BYT bucks for each extra page of sponsors they find for the playbill!


For age specific camps, we may interview older students to volunteer at the younger aged camps. These older campers will not only earn BYT bucks if they are chosen for camp, but will also gain training on the directorial side of theatre!

What Products Can I Use Them On?

BYT Bucks can be used on a plethora of BYT products including but not limited to future tuition, concessions, raffle tickets and playbill ads!

What Can I Not Use Them On?

They cannot be used on show tickets because they are sold through a third party.

They also cannot be used on already paid invoices, only those received after earning the BYT Bucks.


If you have any questions about BYT Bucks, remember you can always email us at!

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