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Cynthia Ford

Founder and Artistic Director

Cynthia Ford has been involved with the theatre for over 40 years. Besides directing numerous plays, she has written several of her own musicals, been the artistic director of 3 traveling troupes, worked as a stage manager and has experience in both set and costume design. Originally from New York, Cynthia’s Performing Arts School has trained hundreds of dancers, singers, and actors. Her master’s degree in Education has aided her in teaching youth in the arts and her love for them has kept her mind and heart young enough to be at the helm of Bluffton Youth Theatre. Her desire is to have a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center here in Bluffton that gives youth a professional, yet loving environment to learn the craft she so loves. Equally in this endeavor with her is her husband of over 35 years, Gregory. He is the President of BYT, but most of all, he is a loving encourager and supporter of Cynthia’s dreams and vision. Cynthia and Gregory have three beautiful daughters, Havilah, Irene, and Jennifer, three wonderful son-in-laws, Jordan, Dusty, and Isaac, and seven adorable grandchildren. They owned a performing arts studio in New York and traveled the United States and beyond, spreading the Word of God through the arts. When they moved to South Carolina, they continued their passion by starting Bluffton Youth Theatre. They have loved to see it grow and see how it has positively affected so many lives.

Our Team

The following members of our team will be seen frequently at various rehearsals and shows

Lindsay Miller

Communications and questions.



Alex Mallard

Rehearsal Assistant


Sara Broman

Rehearsal Assistant


The team members below are "behind the scenes" but you will see their names mentioned frequently and they may make appearances at BYT rehearsals and shows

Jennifer Ford-Gonzalez

Website, graphics, and creative support.


Irene Marsh

Bookkeeping and financial organization.


Gregory ford

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Sharon Hiscock

Scenery Designer

Heather Zellweger

Costume Designer

Havilah Whetstone


Gary Columbo

Vocal Coach

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