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Ages 7 yrs and up

Sign Up to be a Part of our Cast in Three Easy Steps!


Read all of the information below and make sure you understand the commitment and requirements to be in the show


Fill out the forms using the link at the bottom of the page. Make sure you are following the instructions and filling out the forms fully!


Send in a video audition by the due date and attend a parent meeting to secure your child's spot in the cast!


$625 which includes: over a month of rehearsals and training, an Alice in Wonderland JR t-shirt, and two free tickets to the performance (limit one per family)!

*$25 registration fee is also required and will be used for all shows in 2024

Payments need to be made by the due date in order for your child's audition to be considered. We allow payments through check, card, and Venmo.

*All payments made by credit card will also have a 2.9% processing fee


 Start on Monday, June 24th

Rehearsals will be held during the following times.

June 24th - June 28th, July 8th - 12th from 1pm - 4pm

July 15th - 19th from 10am - 4pm

July 22nd - 24th from 9am - 4pm

We may also call certain roles for night and weekend rehearsals depending on role as well as availability of the cast member

Please make sure you are aware of the time commitment before signing up your child for this show. 

When putting on a show, especially with limited time, the commitment and flexibility of the cast is extremely important. We expect our cast to be committed to the show, which is only fair to the directors and other cast members. If you are unable to commit the amount of time required for this show, we ask that you please refrain from signing up and join us for another show!

Show Week

Dress Rehearsals

Monday, July 22nd, Tuesday, July 23rd and Wednesday, July 24th from 9am - 4pm.


Wednesday, July 24th at 10am

Thursday, July 25th and Friday, July 26th at 7pm

Saturday, July 27th at 2pm

Sunday, July 28th at 3pm

**Cast members must be able to attend all dress rehearsals and show times in order to be cast in the show


Dress rehearsals and performances are mandatory. If your child cannot attend any day between July 22nd and July 28th they will not be able to be a part of our cast.

For rehearsals, any non-sick or non-emergency absences must be communicated at time of registration by correctly filling out the availability section of the Registration Form. If cast members have more than three absences that were not marked on the registration form, then they may be removed from the show - with no refund.


For this show, we will be having all auditions done over video. All videos will be due by May 1st and we will be having callbacks, if necessary, on May 10th and/or 11th.

In the video, prospective cast members must state their name and age loudly and clearly before starting their audition. Videos must contain the following in order to be considered:

  • A short monologue

  • A 1 minute song snippet   

         *We prefer acapella, but if there is an accompaniment, it must not have someone else singing or have music louder than the child.

  • A short choreographed dance

Videos must be filmed in a well lit area where the child can be seen and heard clearly.

If any of these are not included, or done incorrectly, the audition may not be considered. 

If a parent/guardian fails to attend a parent meeting, the child may not audition and their video will not be considered.

When your registration form is complete and your invoice is paid, we will send you a link to a Google Form in order to upload your audition video.

For more information about how to prepare your audition please refer to the "How to Audition" page listed below

Parent Meetings

As referenced above, attending a parent meeting is mandatory. Once the forms are submitted, you will receive and email with parent meeting information and sign up. Reminder: failure to attend a parent meeting will result in your child's audition video not being considered and they will not be cast.

Parents will have two opportunities to attend a parent meeting: Wednesday, May 15th and Thursday, May 16thth at 7pm. Be prepared to be available for one of those dates when you sign up for Alice in Wonderland.

Registration Deadlines

*Payment and forms are both due by the deadline in order to be registered

Early Registration Deadline: April 1st. 

     If families are signed up fully, tuition is ready to be paid, and have signed up for a parent meeting, they will receive a $25 discount on your tuition.

On-Time Registration Deadline: May 1st. 

     If the camper is not fully registered and paid by the deadline above, there will be a $75 late registration fee.

Late Registration Deadline:  June 1st

     For any families registered between May 1st and June 1st you will be charged a $75 late fee.

Note: It may take 3 - 5 days to receive invoice after signing up for camp. If invoice is received after deadline has passed, it will not disqualify you from any discounts as long as payment is received by one week after invoice is received. 

Sign Up Requirements

In order to register for the production, the following Google Form must be filled out and submitted. The form has three parts: Registration, Availability, and About Me*. All three forms must be finished in order to submit the form. You may not leave any section to be completed "later".  Everything must be filled out in order for your child to be a part of the cast.

*The "About Me" section is supposed to be written by the future cast member, so have them nearby for that section. 

There are also two forms that must be read and signed. Auditions will not be considered if any of these forms are missing.

After forms are submitted, keep an eye out for an email with parent meeting and audition info

Reminder: failure to attend a parent meeting will result in your child's name being removed from the audition list.

Parents will have two opportunities to attend a parent meeting: Wednesday, May 15th and Thursday, May 16thth at 7pm. Be prepared to be available for one of those dates when you sign up for Alice in Wonderland.

Discount Information

Multiple Sibling Discount:

     If a family has multiple siblings in Alice in Wonderland, they will receive discounts on siblings. The first child will be $625, second child will be $30 off and third, fourth or more will be $60 off.*

*If any of the siblings are enrolled in Ensemble It!, the discount will be based off of Ensemble it! pricing ($20 instead of $30)

Early Registration Discount:

     If the camper is fully registered and paid by April 1st, they will receive a $25 discount

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For Families of 5 & 6 years olds or Who Can't Commit to a Month of Rehearsals, Sign Up to be in our Ensemble in Ensemble It!

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