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Summer Camps 2024 - Sign Up Today!

Make sure you scroll through the whole page in order to see all the Summer Camp options!

The following two camps will have two sessions each - morning from 9am - 12pm and afternoon from 1pm - 4pm. Campers can sign up for one or both sessions, but those who are signed up for both the morning and afternoon sessions will receive a $125 discount for the camp*!

*To receive $125 discount, camper must be signed up for both sessions at one camp

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Ages 10yrs - 15yrs | June 10th - 14th

Morning Session: The Art of Improv

The benefits of learning improvisation is not just for actors. The skills learned increases a person’s confidence and self-acceptance. It helps develop their focus and concentration and their ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Give your child the edge up, not just in theatre, but in life. Sign up today for this fun-filled, yet brain - exercising camp!

Afternoon Session: The Technicalities of Theatre

Theatre is more than just acting. Lighting, sound, make-up, scene and costume design enhance an actor’s performance and helps the audience visualize each scene more clearly. Register today and learn what goes on behind the scenes!


$225 for one session

$325 if you sign up for both*

*Price reflects $125 discount for both sessions


Ages 5yrs - 9yrs | June 17th - 21st

Learning the art of drama at Bluffton Youth Theatre (BYT) does not just help the budding young actor to be great on stage, but it will also teach your kids how to act their
best off stage as well. Skills taught, though educational, are filled with fun. Sign up your children and let us train them in the art of speaking clearly, the art of dancing with pizazz and the art of singing beautifully.

Register for the morning session or, the afternoon session OR the whole day!


$225 for one session

$325 if you sign up for both*

*Price reflects $125 discount for both sessions

Ages 10yrs and up | June 24th - 28th

Time: 9am - 12pm | Price: $225

Wake up your creative side! Join with the BYT designers and learn the art of building scenery, making props and designing costumes for the upcoming show of “Alice in Wonderland”.

Sign up for "There's More Than Meets The Eye" for a two session discount of $125 ($325 total for both sessions)

Ages 10yrs and up | July 8th - 12th

Time: 9am - 12pm | Price $225

A performance is not all about what you see, but what you don’t see. Without the backstage crew, the show cannot “go on". Learn what goes on behind the scenes for a live performance including the running of a sound board, positioning the lights and moving the sets.

Sign up for "The Artistry of Wonderland" for a two session discount of $125 ($325 total for both sessions)

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Ages 5yrs - 9yrs | July 15th - 19th, July 22nd - 28th

Time: 10am - 4pm | Price: $400

This full day camp is for young actors who want to be in the ensemble for our upcoming show "Alice in Wonderland". In order to be a part of this camp, campers must also be available for all rehearsals and shows from July 22nd - 28th.

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