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"Young People Always Rise To The Occasion!"


Cynthia Ford | Founder and Director


Our Mission

  •  To blend together a team of youth, no matter their physical, mental or emotional challenges. 

  • To train them to befriend and work together with those that may be seen as different.

  • To not only makes great actors on stage, but great people offstage as well.

  • To produce and perform 5-star professional theatre shows.

Grand Opening Classes

Eight weeks of classes for only $175! These classes will teach participants many different aspects of theatre including improv, singing, dancing and more! They will also be part of a special musical revue created especially for our Grand Opening!

*Limited spots available*

Watch These Videos For A Behind The Scenes Look at What BYT Is All About


The old adage, "What matters the most is the performance", is not one by which I live. Directing, writing, and choreographing for over 40 years has led me to a better truth; it is not the end, but how you get to the end that matters most.

A good performance is accomplished through hard work, commitment, and trust. It is hard work to remember blocking, dance steps, and music notes. It is commitment not to just know your lines, but to know the person you are to portray; their emotions, their likes and dislikes - to know essentially what "makes them tick". It is commitment to come to practice even when you are tired, and to "stick to it" even when times get tough. Finally, there is a great deal of trust that must be between the cast and crew members and the directors. In short, a massive team effort and a plethora of time culminates in just a few performances. Yet, the audience only sees and judges that culmination. As a director, I get the privilege of living through months of preparation, with a cast and crew that I always grow to love, honor, and respect. Yes, the cast is young and the task of doing such a play is monumental, but I have found that young people always rise to the occasion.

Cynthia Ford | Founder of Bluffton Youth Theatre

A Word From The Founder

What Makes Us Different?

 Since 2015, BYT has taught hundreds of youth how to be compassionate and  caring toward those who are different from them through the art of theatre. We are unique in  that we blend those with special needs with those that are deemed typical, training  them to perform in 5-star productions. No matter a youth’s challenges be they intellectual or physical, whether non-verbal, autistic, or laden with severe anxiety, everyone is cast as an integral part of the live performances. We have an overwhelming number of positive testimonials from parents of both typical and atypical youth as well as audience members stating that the shows and experience they gained, are first-rate. Many have viewed and even participated in other professional theatre companies and without a  doubt, BYT is equal to and even surpasses their expectations. BYT is not only a benefit  to all youth, no matter their challenges, but a much needed benefit to the community.  Most organizations cater strictly to typical youth and others mainly to atypical youth;  BYT blending is truly one-of-a kind and when you become a patron, you will gain  insight into an all-inclusive environment where “different” is not seen. 


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